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Men's T-shirt


Function description
Unlock/Lock the panel.
Press the on/off on the panel for 3 second till the panel whole light
Or press the model button for 3 second till the panel whole light
Sound activated model
After activation,it begin to work in sound activated model,youcan press on/off switch on
The panel to choose the high Sensitive or low sensitive respond to the sound.
Programmed model
Besides the sound activated model,you have more choices via the model button on the
lnverter.You could press the button to choose below models:
Stack flashes model
Imitative sound activated model
Blinking model
Constant light model
When the panel in the sound activated model,the seitch on the panel can change the high low
sensive and turn off/on the panel;
When the panel in the programmed model,the switch on the panel is just a on/off switch;
All panels are locked in order to save power and suitable for shipping.
Peel apart the el panel with converter from velcro A;
Tear off the white tape backing from the back of the velcro,the attach on to the shirt on a
plat surface.Iron on the back of the fabric on high heat (140℃ firmly whilst not

stretching the fabric.Do not use Steam setting on the iron,do not stretch
The fabric untill it has cooled down(at least 15mins);
Re attach the el panel onto the velcro.
Do not frepuently beding the panel or lron it;
Pls take off the panel before washing,only wash the cloth;
Pls lock the panel if not use for a long period.


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